A thought after watching VH1

I’m sitting on the couch, just got home from work and there was a Behind the Music-type documentary on on VH1.
It was the end of the Jenna Jamison story, where she’s taking a camera crew around her mansion that is filled with religious symbols, especially crosses.
She said that her and her husband’s faith was the most important thing to them.
Wow, that’s nice. Really. After almost, what, 10 years of making movies where the main plot was for you to get naked and have sex with men and women for money and fame to allow you to buy a mansion where you could put up crosses and be a merry wife to a man whom you met at a film shoot to proclaim your faith as the most important thing in your life is, well… unintentionally funny, that’s what.
Could you imagine Jenna at a Baptist revival… I can…

“Amen, Jesus… Amen… Ladies and Gentleman, we have a new member to our little church (waves of applause and cheers from the 10,000 packed into a tent). Her name is Jen and she’s like to give us a presentation of ‘O Come All Ye Faithful.’ So, here she is…”

Yeah, that’s a revival all right!

Oh, to the jackoff who left the ads in my comments last time, go sit on a merry pole and twist…

It is time for me to go to bed. Wednesday (today) is the first full day where I am “Daddy Daycare” for Erin. It has been fun having both Kris and Erin home over the first 11 weeks, but now is the time for Kris to go back to work. She’s not really looking forward to it and neither is Kris… ha ha ha… er…

More thoughts as they pop into my head and time allows…

(c) R. Burns
P.S.: I hope A and family are doing well after losing S two weeks ago. We’re still thinking about you guys up here and believe things will get better. And, tell that pissant who told you, A, that it was “just a puppy” to (repeat) go sit on a merry pole and twist…



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2 responses to “A thought after watching VH1

  1. WhizGidget

    Bestest of luck to Kris as she heads off for work… And I hope the Sprite-In-Training is doing very well!…and yes, sit and spin on unsanded broom handle did come out of my mouth at some point when he attempted to “make it right” again… Clueless stupid people… I just don’t have time for them.

  2. eddybrinick31205954

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