Sometimes the best thing to do on a 99-degree day is to do nothing.

Of course, I didn’t do that yesterday, deciding that I HAD to do some yard work. So now I’m at home nursing a rather stark sunburn and sitting in front of the computer.

In other words, this is the Notebook:

Traffic: How do you get more people to read your work (i.e. blogs, articles) without becoming completely obsessed with the task? You can’t. There has to be some bit of obsession to write, write and write and to market, shill and get your name out there to get more readers and more traffic to your page. That said, I’m not that obsessed in doing that. Call it a bit of lethargic wisdom, but I write every day as it is at work. It is hard to muster the strength and the mental energy to get more stuff down onto a page that is tucked away hidden from the main Internet traffic superhighways. Call this page, the Off, off, off, off the beaten page.

That said, Technorati is a good measure of sites, blogs and other stuff. I have it on this page, because I believe it is one of the best traffic trackers on the Internet. Maybe someone will stumble onto this off the superhighway, maybe not, but take a look through it and you’ll find a lot more out there in the blogsphere.

All-Star Game: Because of work, covering a Babe Ruth youth baseball district tournament, I didn’t get a chance to see this game live. I heard the final two innings on the radio (Major League Baseball on XM Radio) and watched the first seven innings on tape last night. After digesting everything, here’s my thoughts – I really regret not making more of an effort to get from here in the Northwest down to home to see this game live in a ballpark that I’ve waited to watch a game since it opened. I spent my youth going to S.F. Giants games at Candlestick Park, along with baseball games with my Dad to Oakland to see the A’s, and couldn’t wait to sit in a new downtown ballpark to watch the Giants play. Then I moved to the Northwest and Pac Bell/AT&T Park was built shortly thereafter. Yesterday would have been a great chance to see the stadium, see a game that will only come around once in 20-30 years and see what a lot of my friends who have been to the stadium have been telling me – it is the best stadium in baseball.

The game itself was fun. It is an exhibition, so I just want to see as many players in the game as possible. The appeal of the game is that the fans are the ones who call the shots for the starting lineup, an aspect that makes some baseball fans who are more numbers/performance driven mad beyond all belief. There’s a reason why there’s fantasy baseball: to let the fanatical base of fans pick and choose who the best teams are, against others who are doing the same thing. The All-Star Game isn’t for them. It is for the rest of the baseball fans who want to see their favorites, even if they’re struggling (ahem, Pujols…).

In Seattle, the Mariners’ Safeco Field is great, with Qwest Field (Seahawks) next door – a wonderful 1-2 sports punch for the SODO District and Pioneer Square. Safeco Field is a great cathedral to the Church of Baseball and a monument to the die-hard Mariners fans in the region. One of these days, I’ll get a chance to see AT&T Park to compare the two.

Ichiro: Speaking of the Mariners, Ichiro takes home the All-Star Game MVP Award – (Inside The Park Home Run).

Music: I’ve spent the past four days covering a Babe Ruth youth baseball district tournament and ended up helping out the organizers who were a few people short. In other words, I ran the scoreboard and the music while covering the game. (If you’ve ever been to a youth baseball game, you know that you can multi-task very easily without missing too much.) Around here, classic rock and country are the main musical genres, nothing else. Well, since I ran the music – and plugged my own iPod in – the genres didn’t come close to what this baseball crowd is used to: Red Hot Chili Peppers (early albums), Black Sabbath, Bon Scott-era AC/DC, Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, El-P, RATM and Audioslave for starters.

You haven’t laughed until you see an 80-year-old grandmother nodding her head in tune to Paranoid.

That it for today or for tomorrow, if I can’t get over here before then.


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