I’m still here…

It has been a mixed bag here in this little corner of cyberspace, plenty of good and bad thrown in to make it interesting, but not enough of each to define it either.

The good:

  • Recently, no storm (wind and flood) damage here, family is fine and healthy and there’s little to worry about. Neighbors around us have had more damage, but are doing fine.
  • Work is stable, but as always present and never ending. Wife is doing well and may be doing better in the upcoming future, if she decides to go after a new position at work.
  • I’m healthy (for the most part), my wife is happy (for the most part) and my daughter is healthy, learning and full of energy and life. Plenty to be thankful for there.

The bad:

  • A rough summer where we spent most of it worrying about work, money and “how in the blue hell are we going to get by on just one paycheck.”
  • A rough fall trying to put the plans worked out over the summer into play up until the situation changed – for the worse… and then for the better. Try this: “Your employer is shutting up shop because of outside forces (see Angry Husband). Your new employer comes in, but you must join the union – the same one that’s about to go on strike because you new employer is trying to milk the union and its members. The strike starts in 48 hours after your first day. Wait, wait, wait, settle on the day of the strike.” Stress level hits an all-time high…
  • Other outside forces put a strain on everyone, then the storm hits – no power for five days, daughter is crying to watch Shrek 3 and your wife is going stircrazy with cabin fever. You get to drive around the area talking to those who have lost everything and you feel a bit guilty walking into your house that lost just power and some food in the fridge.
  • Work is still work…

OK, this is pretty fucking bland, isn’t it. Not much there, just generalities.

Why, you ask?

Because if I go into every little detail about how life’s been over the past nine months, you’ll think I’m crazy, lying, overexaggerating or all three…

So, here’s how I sum up 2007… I’m lucky, blessed and happy to still be here. Everything else is just details…

Oh, one other thing: Over the past nine months, I haven’t talk to a lot of people that I normally talk to and haven’t checked in with. One of whom got a new job and I have no clue what it is… Another is still working at my old place and is keeping everything afloat… I need to do some reconnecting, just to let everyone know that I’m still here…

*que Papillon closing scene* “I’m still here…”


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One response to “I’m still here…

  1. WhizGidget

    You’re right, I have a new job and I’ve barely told *anyone* about it. I’m still crunching data. As a Senior Manager now. And it’s another start up…

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