Fried Monday

The constant travel over the past couple of weeks is hitting me extremely hard. Today, I just had a four-hour shift and I felt like I was fried before I even walked in the door. (OK, waking up at 5 a.m. doesn’t help…)

From news and notes for a Monday:

Sunday in Seattle – I got to see the Seattle Seahawks become eliminated from the NFL playoff chase after 11 games. Also, I got to see the Washington Redskins turn themselves around after a couple of years of being doormats in the NFC East.

My column from the game, in today’s paper: And now…

Only two more home games this season and I’ll probably be at one more – the Brett Favre circus, now wrapped in New York Jets tissue.

Thanksgiving – There was actually a chance over the weekend that I was going to have 18 people, including myself, at my house for Thanksgiving. 18… By far a record and by far a disaster, if it happened.

But the Turkey Gods smiled upon me and it’ll come back down to a manageable 11, including three kids under the ages of 6. Well, maybe that isn’t exactly smiling, but at least I can get away with “hey, get these rugrats out of the kitchen before I drop this bird…”

Work isn’t going to do me any favors to help get everything ready beforehand, thus I may have to really keep things simple. And staying up late to get most of the food ready is an option, which I may take, so I’ll have to find some sleep between now and then.

This is one of my favorite holidays. Tons of food, tons of football and tons of leftovers, especially with my holiday house rule – if you cook it, you get to keep the leftovers. I cook the turkey, I get the turkey sandwiches for the next week afterward. Delicious.

Just received – This was found for the little girl as a stocking stuffer – Domo.

She’s been watching a ton of Noggin and Domo shows up as “commercial shorts” that the channel puts on instead of commercials in the mornings. They’re fun – a little mean-spirited toward him at times, but that’s OK.

At least I don’t have to put up with those nauseating WonderPets and Ferocious Beast around the house… One show that I can watch with her is Jack’s Big Music Show. The songs are well done and are pretty clever for a 3-year-old.

This is one of Erin’s favorites… I Hog The Ground (featuring a certain guitarist who is also known to hang around in Blue’s Clues)


On the reading list – Just finished re-reading “The Trials of Lenny Bruce,” which went through all of his court cases and all of the shit he went through as the government – local, state and federal – tried to prosecute him for obscenity. In a way, what he’s worked hard to do – open up the language away from censorship – has been reversed (polticial correctness, FCC overzealous control of radio, etc.).

Yeah, that’s a bit of a soapbox, but I’ve learned that the more you censor, the more weight you give to what you don’t want people to hear. If everyone hears everything, there’s less weight to it when the majority doesn’t react to it. Besides, it is intent, not the word, that makes it “bad.”

But I digress…

One of Lenny’s classics:

That’s it for a Monday. Keep the faith. I have to get some rest before Monday Night Football is on.


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