366 Days – Super Bowl Sunday, plus a small catchup

Sunday, Feb. 5 (Super Bowl Sunday) – The right team won. The New York Giants played the better game against New England, but the game overall was pretty cut-and-dry until the final 5-6 minutes left. It was almost like the NBA – nothing really happens until the fine 2-3 minutes. You’ll read all of the usual banter on ESPN, NFL.com and SBNation, so I’ll save all of that. I just soaked the game in. New England could have won – if their receivers could come up with a big play (familiar, 49ers fans?).

So lets go through some of the commercials, which were OK overall. Most of them were just brutal to watch. Some, after some pondering, are better than they were when they first aired.

Guilty pleasure

I have this song from The Darkness in my phone. Yes, I listen to it. It isn’t the best song, but it is a guilty one. I have no problem admitting this.

Star Wars

You can’t go wrong with these next two commercials — Star Wars and…

Clint Eastwood

Star Wars is a crutch, honestly, but a well-worn one that still brings all the geek boys and girls to the yard for your milkshake. Clint Eastwood can narrate anything and make it sound like you are a wimp and nowhere near the man you should be. Imagine Clint reading “The Vagina Diaries”… You welled up with a tear, didn’t you? Yes you did. Admit it. It is OK. The rest of the world’s men did too… Now if Darth Vader and Clint Eastwood were in the same commercial… The world would end. And we’d all be happy for it. Awesomeness of that magnitude can’t not be repelled.

Bueller? Bueller?

If it was anyone other than his agent that Matthew was getting away from, or even if it was Matthew playing a slub like the rest of us getting away from work, this would rock. Even as it is, it is still a nice little trip down the memory lane. But one question – Where’s Cameron?

Sexiest car ad EVER!

One word: Yum.

Last one: Leno?

Yada yada yada… Jerry Seinfeld loves life away from television. He can do stand-up and the occasional cameo and we’ll still yell catchphrases that are nearly 20-25 years old now. And we’ll still do it, just like we do with Star Wars and Clint Eastwood. Still awesome.

To finish, it has been eight years since my beloved country lost its shit over a titty, a breast, a very quick flash of flesh that was diagrammed by the morning media ad nausea. And radio/TV/music was never the same again.

Janet Jackson holds the infamous breast as Justin Timberlake looks on as if nothing happened.

Wednesday, Feb. 1 through Feb. 4 – These four days were such a blur, I have very few notes on what happened. When you get very little sleep due to work and stress, you can miss a few days.

Subdistrict swimming was on Wednesday. The guys did a great job and moved 11 to the district meet next week.

Other than that, I have no idea what happened.

This is what everyone will call a cheat. I will endeavor to not do this again. (Crossed fingers…)


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