366 Days: Feb. 14-16

Thursday, Feb. 16 — Sitting inside a Tacoma hotel room on the eve of Mat Classic, I realize that my notes over the past few days are — again — horrendous.

Today, however, there is something to all of this.

First, it is the end of the boys swimming season this weekend. I’ll be at the Tacoma Dome covering state wrestling, while the Aberdeen boys will be at the King County Aquatic Center for the state 2A swimming championships. The facility in Federal Way is world renowned as a premier aquatics center.

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The state meet weekend is a great experience for everyone – fans and competitors. The venue is the lasting legacy of the 1990 Goodwill Games, which were hosted in Seattle. NCAA championships are contested there and Olympic Trials for swimming and diving have been (and will be for diving this summer) contested since the 1992 Olympics.

I’ve never swam there. I’ve never had the chance. Of course, I could just drive there and swim during public hours. That would work. Or, I can get my ever expanding self into the water to get back into shape and possibly compete there in a Masters meet.

I remember watching the swimming events during that Goodwill Games, which was held between the freshman and sophomore years of college. I spent a ton of time during that summer swimming and playing water polo. It was a blast and represents a portion of the best performances I’ve ever had in the water.

One of my bucket list items is to get back into swimming shape, possibly even competition shape, and swim in a meet there. I need to do that.

Second, this was a day off and I had the chance to get a few things done. Of course, it isn’t a state tournament trip until I forget several items back home. This time, there is no jacket for the wet weather and no lanyard for the credentials. One isn’t a problem. The other isn’t either, but is just irritating.

I’ll have pictures and notes from the Mat Classic for Friday and Saturday. I’ll try to get them up on Friday, but it may be late Saturday or Sunday before I do. It is two pretty long days there, especially when you are working. I love it. It is a good weekend.

Wednesday, Feb. 15 — Not much going on, just a few notebook items to get rid of here.

1. The Piggyback Bandit — Seattle Times — This guy has now made his way to Minnesota after starting here in Washington state and “working” his way to piggyback rides with high school athletes. Very interesting story, a must read.

2. The rumor that became the truth one day later — A new proposal for an NHL and NBA arena in Seattle’s SoDo district begins. A hedge-fund manager will pitch in the private investment, while the city of Seattle will have to “find” $200 million, at most. Um, after the debacle of trying to keep the Sonics several years ago, this is still in the “pipe dream” stage. Now, if the Sacramento Kings turn into the (Insert city here) (new nickname), then all bets are off. It’ll become a fight between Seattle and Anaheim for the team.

3. Community college basketball can be brutal to watch. That’s all I’ll say right now. It can be good, but man, it can be really, really bad at times. Wednesday wasn’t bad, but how can you compare bad and worse and horrific.

Tuesday, Feb. 14 — Valentine’s Day.


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