366 Days: March 12-16

Friday, March 16 — One day from St. Patrick’s Day. It is also a work weekend, so there aren’t any plans to celebrate the holiday in the traditional sense.

Fire departments across the country use St. Patrick’s Day as a day to honor its ranks, its heritage and its fallen comrades, especially those in New York City after 9/11. The New York City and the Boston parades are huge events and the FDNY and BFD are a big presence there. The police departments are as well, don’t want to forget them.

So on this weekend, if you head out this weekend, stay safe. If you get to a parade, enjoy yourself. If you can, support your local fire and police departments and their charitable works. In Western Washington, I had a bit of trouble trying to find some of the local departments and their fundraising/charity works and I’ll try to update that in a later post.

Thursday, March 15 — The first day of the NCAA Tournament and it was a mild one.

The first two true days of the tournament (discounting the play-in games that are now called the first round games) are known for upsets and drama. This first day had some drama in the form of UNC-Ashville vs. Syracuse, in which the Orange needed a late run and some help from the officials to knock off the No. 16 seed. But other than that, it was a pretty tame day.

As for my prediction bracket? I don’t care. I enter one or two a year and then sit back and enjoy the games. Once the rounds are done, then I look back and see how I’ve done. It is more fun to just root for the underdogs and the teams that are playing well than for your predictions.

One thing I noticed was some of the commercials, most notably Subaru. With images of a family of youth hockey players flashing in front of you, you hear The Pogues’ “If I Should Fall From Grace Of God” in the background. With the imagery of the song playing, it is completely odd to have images of a family enjoying life. They’re almost mutually exclusive.

Wednesday, March 14 — Rain wiped out everything for the third straight day.

Not much else to do, except watch the remaining two play-in games (aka first round) for the NCAA tournament. And, there wasn’t much to them, either.

In March, Grays Harbor averages more than 9 inches of rain, more than any other month. What do you expect? There’s a national rain forest less than an hour north of here — Olympic National Forest/Park

Tuesday, March 13 — Rain for the second straight day. Nothing really to report.

Monday, March 12 — During the weekly visit to my daughter’s first grade reading group, one of her classmates asked me, “Why do you talk to me?” Good question, I have no answer, I told him. He didn’t buy it.

My fantasy baseball drafts have started, so the rest of the day was spent pouring over projections, trends and player health reports to determine which players will help me get out of 10th place out of a 12-team league. Yeah, I’ve pretty much stunk up the joint over the past few years. Just like the have-nots in major league baseball, we’re all 0-0 on Opening Day.



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