366 Days: March 19-22

Thursday, March 22 — I’ve spent the entire day trying to get rid of a horrendous earworm.

Screw you, Spandau Ballet, for ruining a perfectly good vacation day with your bad 80s pop.

The source of this earworm? A car commercial. Of course it is. No, I’m not posting it. No need to extend this pain.

I cleaned the back room. “This much is true-uh-whoo…”

I emptied the bottles and the cans from the garage. “I know this… much is… true…”

Brutal. I’d rather have bad 70s sitcom theme songs stuck in my head than this.

Hey, here’s a few. Also, here’s a soundboard link for a bunch of themes as well, some of them are iconic. Others are horrendous. Others are so bad, they’re great! 70s TV Theme Songs

Wednesday, March 21 — Out of a horrendous week of weather, this was one day of sunshine and, yes, some clouds later on with a blasting cold wind. But no rain…

That meant a busy day at work, which was expected and welcomed. A doubleheader at Olympic Stadium was my assignment of the day and it is just nice to sit back and watch a baseball game on the clock.

There are a lot of little things that drive me nuts about my job. However, one of the greatest assets and benefits comes in the spring — the ability to sit down and enjoy a baseball game on the clock. In the fall, it is football. In the winter, I’m thinking of spring. In the spring, it is baseball and softball. Soccer is there in the fall and spring, but that is a constant.

Let others cover the school board meetings and the city council marathons. I’ll take a baseball doubleheader every time.

Nationally, it was a stellar day in the NFL — Peyton Manning is now a Denver Bronco, Tim Tebow was traded to the New York Jets and the New Orleans Saints (and Gregg Williams) found out what punishment they’ll serve for the “bounty program.” Wow.

Tuesday, March 20 — Since the Super Bowl halftime fiasco with Janet Jackson, at Super Bowl XXXVIII, the FCC has been bombarded with complaints and concerns from the public about each and every Super Bowl halftime show since. (One small note: The fine the FCC gave to CBS ($550,000) was improper and was thrown out. Why? Because CBS couldn’t control what happened, which was live. That’s why there’s a 7-second delay, even in live telecasts.)

February’s Super Bowl is no exception. Madonna stunk and M.I.A. flipped the bird to America. Wow. Edgy. The commercials did a better job of pushing the envelope (i.e. the Fiat commercial) this time around.

But no, the FCC got their complaints. A full list can be found on ESPN.com (credit to Shaun Assael for getting them).

Best line: “Fine MIA until she’s homeless.” Classy. Apparently, shut-in families who believe that everyone must “protect the children” (especially everyone elses when they are offended) on television had a field day.

The backward steps the American Society has taken in terms of First Amendment rights over the past several years is scary. (Editor’s note: A soapbox can be found here, but I took it out. No need and it is late.)

Just because you are offended, it doesn’t mean everyone else has to suffer alongside of you.


Monday, March 19 — The reading group was fun. A late start allowed me to spend the afternoon with the little girl.

After three hours of playing Nintendo Wii, both of us were sore — arms, legs, necks. A lot of moving around on this day, then a lot of sitting around taking calls at night. Fun was had by all. And I learned not to play her in Wii basketball (Sports Resort) — she’ll steal the ball every single time.


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