366 Days: April 20 (aka 4-20)

Friday, April 20 — Another dumb number-based holiday, this time for those who imbibe in the weed, the ganja, the Mary Juana.

I don’t smoke, so it is just Friday. However, it is a good day to throw in some Bob Marley and enjoy the Harbor on another psychotic weather day. In college, Bob Marley’s music was blasted throughout the campus as much as the latest now-forgotten songs of the time. It was inescapable.

That’s part of the reason why I put my Marley CDs away and left them there for years. I’ve heard so many renditions of “No Woman No Cry,” “Three Little Birds” and “Jammin,” I roll my eyes. I love the music. It has stood the test of time. It has, however, been overplayed on radio for years, earning a spot next to most of the 1970-80s guitar rock/classic rock songs that populates “The Rock of (hometown)” radio stations everywhere.

It is brutal. You’re not supposed to roll your eyes and tune out Bob Marley. His music chills you out, relaxes you and takes you to a different plain of spirituality, peace and tranquility. (Editor’s Note: Are you sure you don’t smoke?) It just feels good to listen.

Also today, a documentary on Bob Marley comes out in theaters. It explores Marley’s early days and upbringing in Jamaica, while touching on his music and movement he spawned from it. It looks pretty good. Kevin MacDonald, who directed one of my favorite sports movies/documentaries “One Day In September,” directed “Marley.” So, I’m pretty juiced to see this.

Enjoy the day. The weekend is (officially) tomorrow. Here are a few “deep cuts” from Bob Marley, including a trailer for the new documentary throw in.


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