366 Days: Cleanup (May 3)

Thursday, May 3 — This has been the first time I’ve been able to sit down and type on this blog since April 20. Life, as always, took center stage and you have to ride the ride, since the ticket has been paid for long before you got here.

Everyone had the flu for a few days. Everyone had a hectic schedule of work and activities to get through. Everyone had a little less sleep than they needed. Everyone caught up eventually.

And now, I’m sitting here again to restart this project.

There ya go. Still not much else to add, since talking about work and the rain and length of your lawn and minutia that everyone else goes through and very few people would want to read it. Unless you are a boring individual and really, we all are in our own way of living.

On Friday, it is the uber-dorky “May 4th” holiday — as in “May the 4th (force) be with you!” Ugh. I’m a Star Wars fan and it makes me nervous itchy to acknowledge that.

Some pictures in and around the Harbor:

Instagram: A little look through the windshield as the rain rolled through Hoquiam

Instagram: A look from the press box onto Ken Waite Field in Aberdeen (Pioneer Park). The rain drizzled throughout the contest, but the game was played. This is life when you play sports in the spring on the Harbor.

Instagram: A look from the north press box at historic Olympic Stadium in Hoquiam. This is one of the few all-wooden sports facilities in the Pacific Northwest, maybe even in the U.S. now.

A Star Wars mural on the side of a business in Aberdeen. A Star Wars store is in the building and, although it is overpriced, it is stocked full of a ton of Star Wars toys/movies/memorabilia.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter — I really want to see this movie. The Avengers start up tonight at midnight and this one is in the summer. Nice.


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