366 Days: The Act We Act (Aug 14)

This poor guy is a blue-ribbon winning pig at the Grays Harbor County Fair in Elma. I saw him on Sunday, really noticed the picture on Tuesday, posted it for posterity. Poor little guy… (Photo credit: RobRVR)

Tuesday, Aug 14 — It has been nearly six weeks since I’ve sat down to write upon this space. It has been a mildly eventful time frame, but only a tiny bit of it has been worth writing about.

The beginning of this summer was marked as an introspective one, a time to sit down and go over the mental notebook and read the tea leaves/writing on the wall/insert clever “see into the future” colloquialism.

OK, really. Nothing really interesting happened over the past several weeks. There was a lot of work, a quick trip to Seattle when the schedule allowed it and this:

*A moment of silence*

There were a lot of little things that happened. Like the top picture. Poor pig has a cock-shaped eyebrow. I didn’t realize I had the picture until I went through them off my phone earlier. Now that’s funny. He needs a name, though…

On Saturday, a quick trip to Seattle for the Seahawks preseason game was a good reset. The game wasn’t that bad for a practice game. Downtown, especially in Pioneer Square, was lively. You saw a lot of interesting people and ticket scalpers for the game on every block. Every bit of the street corners were used to hawk their wares:

The free market at work in Seattle. Supply (extra tickets to the Seattle-Tennessee preseason football game at CenturyLink Field) met demand (fans looking to get in) on a street corner in Pioneer Square on Saturday. (Photo credit: RobRVR)

Also, I saw a walking bottle of Rainier beer. The beer’s handler was a cutie, but I did a poor job of getting a picture of the two. (Out of focus) With that in mind, visit Restore The R.com.

An out of focus shot of a Rainier bottle handler and her bottle in Pioneer Square on Saturday. Sorry about that, but I had to post my mistakes sometimes, too. (Photo credit: RobRVR)

I have hundreds of shots of Qwest Field/Century Link Field in my archives that I could put any of them down and call them from Saturday, but I won’t. I’ll try to get a shot or three from different vantage spots over the season.

So, for now, that’s all.


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